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We offer the most complete range of mental health treatments, all within our upscale Mission Viejo office:

Medication Management is provided by our experienced psychiatrists.

Individual Therapy is offered for adolescents and adults, with short-term and longer-term options.
Short-term individual therapy is used with very focused concerns, and aims at producing quick symptom reduction and behavioral change. Longer-term individual therapy aims at addressing more persistent and pervasive difficulties.

Couple and Family Therapy is used to promote change in patterns of interpersonal relationships.

Play Therapy for children is provided by therapists who are specially trained to help kids deal with emotional challenges through play and age-appropriate interaction.

Group Therapy provides support and education from other clients with similar issues and a therapist or psychiatrist facilitator. Groups can be used in addition to individual treatment or as an alternative.

Nutrition Counseling helps optimize physical health, which is an integral part of mental health.

Services are provided by our large team of professionals with various specialties so that you can be matched with the best clinicians for your situation.

Call our office for a free consultation to determine the best treatment plan for you or your loved one.


Building and Map

27401 Los Altos Suite 275
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

East on Crown Valley Parkway from the 5.
Left on Los Altos. Second driveway on the left.
"Mission Heritage Center"

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